understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I call your attention again today, Beloved People, to Siberia, a Nation that was once a semi-tropical land, that within a few hours froze every form, as it stood, into solid ice. The evidence is discovered today by the outer scientific world – mastodons, even horses bridled and saddled for action, with their eyes looking forward to the coming of their masters.

That is real, Dear People!

Then can any scientist in the outer world tell Me how that came about? No, because no man in the outer world knows; but We have the record which We may read of what took place.

I say to our Beloved Grant, who was just telling the Messenger of an incident with the birds, which occurred in Imperial Valley in California – remember the birds of the air make no mistakes, and when they change their activity be sure that Wisdom is acting; and they changed their activity from October to August. This is a considerable change, ladies and gentlemen.

Watch, Oh Beloved People, for the signals that will be given of coming evidences. Don’t look for events, but watch for signals. Many will be given, and if things begin to occur, be more calm than ever.

You know your Beloved Saint Germain’s Statement was very emphatic, that when cataclysmic action began to take place, the people remaining would jump in the lap of God and stay there.

Well, I very much expect that will be the case; then the people whose attention has been drawn away from the Godhead, will suddenly be reminded after all, there is an Intelligence and Power Greater than man, and never forget it, Beloved Students.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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