understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to call to one point, and all of you who saw the Confessions of a Nazi Spy saw there the one point, and if you did not catch it in the picture, I call your attention to it.

Remember, when the first of their spies were discovered in America, as was indicated there, the Gestapo in Germany said: “Now then, we must change our tactics entirely.”

They then begin to establish the American Bund in America, in the pretense of the defense of America, to get their claws on the young people as well, and all the time underneath was the Gestapo in Germany. Now the people, thank God, are beginning to awaken to what that is doing in their midst.

Call, call, call, Dear People, for that to be absolutely withdrawn from your America, that it be shattered; for it has been revealed, and will be more and more, what is underneath.

There are many wonderful German people in America who are loyal to America; but the influence of these claws has been terrific, even reaching many people who were not German in America.

Therefore, let us awaken, Dear People; make your Calls, knowing the Infinite Power They are, as They go forth to act in the mental and feeling world of mankind, and you will have rendered your service.

You will have fulfilled the Law of Life!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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