understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Please Beloved Students, do not let the appearance of the conditions in Europe make you feel that there is any retarding process in America. It is true, quite true, that still in America are a network of spies still trying; but they have lost their influence, Oh, so tremendously.

If you were to see in the CIO what has taken place in the past six months, you would go right through the ceiling. (Applause – audience rising)

That frightful destructive force that was using that means to try to get its clutches upon the people of America, has lost almost its entire influence; and of course, then will be more and more revealed the nefarious activities that were going on underneath.

Let Me tell you, Dear People of America, you can never pour forth gratitude enough to the Dies Commission for that which they have set into action in America. (Applause)

How do you suppose, Dear People, it was that these things came about? Have you not been calling for Ascended Master Friends to be raised up everywhere in America?

Well now, because those people were not Students of the Light, yet, they are well informed about It; still they can be Ascended Master Friends raised up, and so it will be, ever-expanding throughout America.

As these things are from time to time revealed, and the people really begin to see the deception that was practiced upon them, then they will begin to understand and be more alert to anything in the future deceiving them; but the greatest deception has been practiced in America by these spies who have gone about so cunningly.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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