understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do not let any one come to you and tell you that these things in America are harmless. They are striking at your every foundation.

Dear People, to show you how that arrogance, reaching a certain point, will cause the outer expression to reveal the inner secret motive – when Hitler said to his people, that he would take France and England and then compel them to assist him taking America – why, such insanity!
Don’t you see, those individuals are compelled to say with their own lips, the things that reveal the inner motive; but that is childish foolishness.

You know I was an English man, and when I am in England I still am; but when I am in America, I am a staunch American. (Applause)

There in that Great Octave of Light We know no Nation but the Perfection of Life, and one day all the Earth will know that Perfection of Life. There will be no controversies among the Nations, and then what a paradise Earth will be, in which to live.

You know the old medical theory that when you give a fever time, it will run its course. Well, maybe there is a fever over there, a very destructive fever; but if it has to run its course in order to purify, then maybe after all, that purification may come very quickly.

But there is still a greater purification that has been surging to release itself upon mankind, and that is the mighty cataclysmic action.

You will never know how the Great Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Being have withheld that from the Earth so far, that almost three years ago would have begun to release its force upon this Earth.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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