understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you there are no words to describe, and I make no attempt to convey to you, what the Service was that the Mighty Master Eriel rendered in giving the Ascension to those children in China.

Dear People, do you not understand that from every environment from where these Activities take place – in that instance, the whole activity of the Nation was raised. They do not know that outwardly yet; but still everything of perfecting activity must go on from within out, in order to make it permanent.

Now then – let us use this for illustration – suppose today, ten people among the Student Body were to make the Ascension, and then in a week twenty more, then in another week, sixty or eighty more; what do you think that would do for the entire Student Body, for America and the World?

Do you not see That would be a powerful raising process of the vibratory action of the individuals whose attention was centered upon the “Presence of Life”, and the assistance to every one of you would be transcendent beyond description.

That is the far reaching power.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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