understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, I cannot refrain from calling your attention to it. Just think, Dear Ones, only such a few years ago, that I in My search, moved about in a limited body like yours; and yet at the most unexpected time imaginable My Freedom came – not under the new Dispensation as you are privileged today.

Oh, My Dear People, won’t you please realize all that That means to you, and Saint Germain and the Others who have promised your Freedom in your obedience to Life.

Why, after two and a half million years, possibly more, that you have been re-embodying in limitations, and now even in the chaos that exists today, you are offered your Freedom! Precious People, won’t you understand all that It means to you!

Now please do not feel, any of you – because there are now and then one who wants to know, in all there is to be done – “Why should I seek my Ascension?”

Because you can be of tremendously more assistance in your Ascended State than you can just now.

Will you remember – may I anchor this point in your minds today – every human being who makes the Ascension, carries the purified substance from the physical octave which holds and makes it possible for their remaining continuously connected with the octave of Earth, and rendering that Service from the Ascended State that only the Ascended Masters, who have made the Ascension from the octave of the human world, can render.

Now why? I think no mention has been made at all concerning this, but this stands out before Me today so powerfully, that I must call your attention to it.

In those who have recently made the Ascension – for instance Myself, Bob, Rex, Nada, Pearl and the Rayborns and Others – why do you suppose the Law in this Dispensation saw that this was accomplished?

Because the more recent activity of this kind, holds the more powerful connection with the Octaves of Light into your physical octave, for this Service that is needed so much at this time.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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