understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let us go back a step to your Application. Every person who holds their attention firm and unyielding to their “Presence”, and listens to no gossip or disturbing conversation, and refuses to be influenced by anything that would make them doubt This Light, those individuals become the same lifting power to all the Students about them and to the people of the city.

Now, let Me take the room here for illustration. Suppose one person sitting here in the center of this room was absolutely firm and unyielding to this Power of Light, but suddenly, all the people in this room pounce upon him and tell him This Work, this Light, was all wrong.

If that person stood there untouched by all the influence of the rest of you, that person would lift every one in this room beyond anything that you could express in words.

I want you to see what that means as Students stand firm, staunch and unyielding.

Say to every person who says a word against This Light: “Be Silent!” Then you would stop it. As you say in your Decrees to all human creation: “You have no power!””

Beloved David Lloyd

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