understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear Ones, you will never know until your Ascension what those six Decrees, followed by the “Mighty I AM”, are doing in the mental and feeling world of mankind.

When you assert to all human creation: “You have no power” then in the following one: “The Legions of Light sweep across the face of the Earth”, My Dear Blessed People, that actually takes place and does sweep from the west to the east.

Think! A million people calling, issuing those Decrees even once a day, is the signal for the Powers of Light to sweep forth through the atmosphere of Earth.

Do you think that some of these things – for instance, what has just been done alone in your city – do you think that would have been possible without those Calls going forth from the Student Body acting in the mental and feeling world of mankind everywhere. It would have been impossible I tell you.

That is how far-reaching is this Mighty Power of these Calls; because after all, My Dear Ones, are you not mental and feeling beings? You express through your physical body, but my goodness, then only a fragmentary part of what acts in your feeling and mental world before the expression goes forth.

After all, you can and do express many things in so many words, but there is little effect from it; but you can put forth a dynamic feeling that enters the feeling world of mankind, and it’s almost irreparable damage, for its destruction.

On the other hand, you can put forth a joyful feeling of the Truth of This Light, and it will go forth in the mental and feeling world of mankind and give them the courage and strength on touching This Light, just like a flower unfolding; and then they become permanently anchored.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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