understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say this in all truth and sincerity, never in the Messengers’ experience has such response been from the broadcasts, as here in your city. (Applause – audience standing) Aside from the outer evidence, We have from the Inner standpoint a far greater evidence of this.

I congratulate our Beloved One for having kept very close touch outwardly of this; but still from Our standpoint, We see how even greater has been that response, because We are looking at the feelings of the people. You cannot see that physically, but We do see it.

I ask you please, in this entire locality, do not ever feel discouraged at not having a greater response of people in the classes, because they are listening to the broadcasts and the acceptance of it is very remarkable. So after all, the service is being rendered, and that is the important thing.

Now let us come back, because We cannot take too much time, let us come back to this point of association. The entire Student Body of America still does not quite fully understand what that means.

If you in your conversation, listen to destructive conversation – and whether you outwardly accept it or not, if you listen to it – some part of your feeling is accepting some of it, which makes yourself a wedge to let the destructive forces into your individual world of action and into the Heart Activity of the Light, wherever you may be serving.

Do you not understand, Beloved Students, why the Messengers are so terrifically dynamic against even listening to destructive things!

Now you might sometimes, and people have criticized them for continually referring to that which must be remedied, but if you were not reminded, the service would not be rendered. They do not wish to keep calling your attention to the destructive things; but unless mankind will awaken and render the service, the attention must be called to it.

For that service must be rendered in calling your attention to the destructive things, because they already exist – so that you may render the greatest service.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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