understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is Saint Germain’s hope ere long, that not one word in these classes will ever be uttered of a discordant thing – the whole thing be held absolutely wholly constructive; but until the Student Body, enough of them, are firmly enough anchored within the Power of Light at their own Call, then they must still be reminded of the conditions that are to be governed, and that is the only reason.

You see, We are trying to cover so much ground here, since this is the Messengers’ first visit. We are trying to hold steadfast to those fundamentals which mean everything in the world in building your foundation of anchorage in the Light.

Oh, My Dear Ones, you cannot have a firm permanent building without your foundation secure; and to hold steadfast to the foundation and your Calls, until you have formed yourselves in such firm anchorage in this great Light of your “Presence”, that nothing can disturb It.

Then you must be constantly reminded until that time arrives.

You will observe in the experience of the Messengers, how quickly They became aware that everything discordant must be shut out of Their world; and while They must listen to it, and the letters that come calling for assistance – you cannot shut it all off, although it is tremendously more wonderful than ever before.

But mankind does not understand what is acting, because the momentum of expression of destructive things has been so very great, and mankind always felt justified in criticism, condemnation and all those qualities that, after all, are just charging their world with the limiting destructive thing.

You know, I rejoice that I was just a little bit like the Messenger in this respect. By nature, I never was discordant. No matter what was going on around Me, I tried to make some excuse for it – any way, I kept Myself out of it; and I think today, that had much to do with My gaining My Freedom.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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