isis unveiled: chapter v (one common origin)

“We may add to this, that we have witnessed the same experiment in India and Thibet, and that more than once we provided the flower-pot ourselves, by emptying an old tin box of some Liebig extracts.

We filled it with earth with our own hands, and planted in it a small root handed to us by the conjurer, and until the experiment was ended never once removed our eyes from the pot, which was placed in our own room. The result was invariably the same as above described.

Does the reader imagine that any prestidigitator could produce the same manifestation under the same conditions?

The learned Orioli, Corresponding Member of the Institute of France, gives a number of instances which show the marvelous effects produced by the will-power acting upon the invisible Proteus of the mesmerists.

“I have seen”, says he, “certain persons, who simply by pronouncing certain words, arrest wild bulls and horses at headlong speed, and suspend in its flight the arrow which cleaves the air.” Thomas Bartholini affirms the same.

Says Du Potet: “When I trace upon the floor with chalk or charcoal this figure…a fire, a light fixes itself on it. Soon it attracts to itself the person who approaches it: it detains and fascinates him…and it is useless for him to try to cross the line. A magic power compels him to stand still. At the end of a few moments he yields, uttering sobs… The cause is not in me, it is in this entirely kabalistic sign; in vain would you employ violence.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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