understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now returning to your own Beloved Land, to your own Precious Hearts, I say to you Friends of Minneapolis and St. Paul, do not be deceived by these pretenses of all these conditions.

The Communists, Nazis, and Fascists will never remedy anything, but bring greater and greater destruction into the world of mankind, because the motive back of it is wrong, all wrong.

There is only One Thing in this Universe that can bring the solution, the solving permanently of these conditions to the World and individuals, and that is This Light – the attention of every individual to their “Mighty I AM Presence”, calling It into action.

Then finally the momentum will be gained until individuals everywhere will become such an outpouring of that Light, that everything that touches their world of discord will be dissolved; then mankind will again come to know this happiness.

Oh, could you see, Blessed People, what your Beloved Saint Germain has done. Oh, My goodness, not one-hundredth part has been said to you of that which He has done to hold the Freedom of America, your Protection and your Blessing.

As was intimated, the Messengers could not come here until a certain point had been reached; but now Blessed Ones, I ask you to observe in the coming weeks and months and see what Their presence in your midst has meant.
That has enabled Us to establish, and hold and continue to expand this Might Focus of Light.

Oh, that I might reach the Hearts of all mankind today that they might see clearly and know the forces acting upon mankind; and think, Dear People, it is nothing extraordinary, since all is the accumulation of mankind in hundreds and thousands of embodiments in which they have lived.

This is mankind’s own accumulation; and even the destructive forces that have seized upon these individuals and make them fiends incarnate, still that is the accumulation of mankind’s destructive force released.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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