understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As your Beloved Lotus said to you, as Students, Beloved Ones, think of your responsibility. When I say this, I do not mean or intend to have you feel undue responsibility; but you as Students of the Light are examples to the rest of mankind.

If you allow yourselves to express discordant things, then you are turning mankind away from This Light, because they say: “Well, if those people are Students and still do not have control of themselves, why should we seek This?”

You see what it means when you enter This Great Light, to become really the Example and be silent toward discordant things.

If any person, place or conditions need correcting, just make the Call silently to their “Presence” or their Higher Mental Bodies; then be silent outwardly, that others do not feel that the Students still are not living up to the Law which this great Teaching represents.

Now you here in your Twin Cities are a sufficient Focus, Beloved Students – if you will silence all outer expression of discord and keep calling with dynamic power the Light Rays into action – to spread this Radiance over this city until you will not have places large enough to accommodate the people.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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