understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now Dear People, the Communists, the Nazis, the Fascists, all those activities, underlying, are one and the same thing; and you know without My telling you, that they try to take away from the people the feeling of the Godhead; and when you turn from Divinity, you have turned to destruction.

Saint Germain has almost become determined to reveal to those who care to listen, the true reality that exists in Russia and Germany.

Never did such conditions exist upon this Earth; and behold today, in the censorship of information, stronger and stronger is being clamped down on Germany any information getting out that people might know the truth in the outer world, or even their own people within the clutches of that terrible thing.

Do you know that seventy-five percent of the German people do not know that France and England are in the war? The censorship has become so terrible that the people even tremble when they start to listen to the radio, else by some chance, a connection has been made and be discovered that they lose their lives for listening. That is how the true information is being shut out from the people of Russia and Germany.

Now Dear People, the mass of those people in Germany and in Russia – I tell you there are at least sixty-five percent of the people from fourteen to thirty-four years of age in those Nations, that in their feelings, are rebelling like fury; but they dare not show the slightest indication of it.

They have begun to discover that the very principle of their being has been taken from them; and in the depravity into which they have been thrown, it has become wormwood and ashes to them.

I have called with all the Power of My Being, that Ascended Master Friends be raised up in those two Nations with a strength, power and influence to restore the Godhead to Germany and Russia.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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