understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Friends of the Light, Beloved Students, we are in a time today that was hoped only recently might still be averted; but since mankind insists on going into the destruction, then since there were not enough Students in the World to hold the balance to prevent it, then We must continue to hold it out of America and let the conflagration go on in Europe.

Who knows how great the Wisdom may be that may bring out of that frightful chaos, a solution of the problems of the World!

Before continuing to talk to you, and since there are a few here from Canada, I wish them to take back to Canada, My Love and Congratulations for having taken – in the infancy of its activity – the removal of the communists from Canada for Her defense.

I tell you, Dear People, you have no idea what that has meant for Canada, what it has meant for America.

America has not done so well in keeping out this frightful condition – like a poisonous serpent crawling in your midst, spreading its venom everywhere – and to think in a government of America that schools of the diabolical activity has been permitted.

Before My Ascension, I was an Englishman. Yes, I did – this question has been in the minds of the people so long; I am going to answer it this morning – yes, I was connected with the Lloyd’s of London, and they could never hold Me to the things of the outer world.

Dear Ones, when the Light within you is surging powerfully to free Itself from the limitations, which that form has drawn it into, then you may be sure at that point It will win Its Victory.

Today in My Great Freedom – only yesterday I was observing the preparations and conditions in England and France, mankind willingly going into that frightful struggle to destroy each other.

For what?

There is not a living human being on Earth can say for what; because an insane fiend that should be held up as an example and quartered before the World – and how a vast nation can succumb through fear to one puny individual; but such is the force of human creation.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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