understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Friends and Students of America, will you not observe how far reaching are those conditions and influences.

With these words prefacing that which I wish to say to you, I am going to try to hold your attention upon the one thing this morning, and that is association.

My Dear Students, will you not see how important it is to formulate your associations as much as possible with that which is harmonious?

Mankind has difficulty enough in keeping themselves harmonized, without just putting themselves in the position of listening to conversations of people that are out of harmony with This Great Law.

Now all activity and individuals who are acting against This Light or disagree with It – many of them, it is not of their own volition. They are seized upon by the destructive forces of mankind.

You will rejoice, Friends of Minneapolis and St. Paul, to know that for a radius of fifty miles around these cities at twelve o’clock last night, the last of the entities were removed. (Applause – audience rising)

Simultaneous with that, was a certain amount of the substance thrown off by mankind, dissolved and consumed at the same time. Now this will remove a pressure that has been over your two lovely cities here – and you will never know, ladies and gentlemen, how much.

But in these days and weeks ahead, you, who are sensitive to This Great Light, will see, know and feel clearly and distinctly what it means to be released from that pressure.

Your state, being so marvelously productive, that is why the communists focused such a power here in your city and in this part of the United States; and really, it is the last place where they held any influence to speak of.

***Remember, these conditions that have pretended to assist in the regulation of the conditions of labor and capital, are nothing but a sinister thing underneath.

They do not want to remedy the conditions. They are not trying to help labor; but they are trying to trump up excuses to pit labor, as they call it, against a condition which they know does not, in reality, exist, to get the feelings of the people stirred so that the sinister activity can bring in an internal disturbance, so that the forces of the outer world can reach in and finally get a hold and destroy you.”***

Beloved David Lloyd

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