understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, My Dear Ones, when you have heard My Experience, do think there is anything in this World that could ridicule Me or this good Brother as to how that Service was rendered!

Why, all the silly imbecility of human nonsense that denies these Great Laws, is so babyish and childish, that any human being on the face of the Earth ought to be ashamed to try to assert it.

The kindness of this Blessed One that has poured out His Life to humanity – then imbeciles come back and say it cannot be true!

My Dear Ones, He has given more proof to mankind than any human being that ever lived on this Earth; and then puny human beings that are not fit to lace His shoes, come back and say these things cannot be true. It is time that people stop such silly nonsense.

Two of the greatest obstructions to your progress, Beloved Students of Chicago, have been removed. So will you please accept that and go forward in the Victory of your Light, of the Light that is established here and held sustained, and supports you in Its Courage, Strength and Power and Its Wisdom to send you forth Victorious in the Light.

Why, you have Us, your Friends, the most Powerful in the World, if you will only believe it; if you will only accept it; and if you will only Call to your “Presence” and Us for any condition, it will not remain long.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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