understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Since you have lived for centuries in all these limitations and distress and privation, why be disappointed if you have to make a little effort now; and don’t sit down or lay down on the job.

You know there is more than one kind of sit-down-strike. Mankind, in a sort of lethargy, is about the worst kind of sit-down-strike; but it hasn’t anything to do with the outer strikes. That means you have struck within yourselves.

So I say to you, My Beloved Ones, take advantage of your opportunity.

What a struggle you Blessed Ones of Chicago have had, because you listened to silly foolish tales. Are you going to do it any more, or are you going to clean it out of your world and go forward to Freedom and Victory?

I think I see you cleaning it out and going forward to Victory! (Applause)

Therefore,We stand ready to give you every Assistance. Will you accept It?

Now remember, if you allow any gossip to start among yourselves or in your city about each other, or about the Messengers, or about This Work, then you will alone be responsible for what happens.

The greatest opportunity in your Lives is here, but only as you shut that out, will you find release and relief complete.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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