understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Freedom is here for you; and remember, the majority of you Beloved Students, are people who will not go to war if war came to your America, since you are past the human age limit.

But your opportunity to place before the young people – whether they accept it or not, is not your province – but to put it before the young people, call their attention to it! They are the ones who will be there.

Since the condition that has grown in your schools, that has tried to take away from your blessed young people of America, the Ideals of Life, God, it has placed them in the position where they are in the gravest danger in the World.

But your Calls to their Higher Mental Body, to their “Presence of Life”, and your Call for Divine Order, Divine Justice and Divine Perfection to take command of those minds and bodies, and free them from all false concepts and opinions, would do wonders to your young people of America.

That is why today, I urge you with all My Heart! You don’t have to force things upon people, but to kindly call their attention to this Great Light.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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