understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You today are being offered the most Glorious Thing in Eternity, your Freedom!
Oh, Beloved Students! In the Name of your “Presence”, let childish foolishness be gone. When your Goal is offered, after thousands of embodiments in human limitations, who should want to continue longer!

In your Call to the “Presence”, in your preparation for the Goal, be at peace and rest. Make your Calls that the “Presence” see you do all that is required in the preparation, that you give all obedience required; then go on about your business quite unconcerned. You would not help it a particle by shutting yourselves up somewhere and concentrating on It.

Your Goal is according to your Decree for It. It can be in this embodiment with a great great number of these Beloved Students.

Please understand, the matter of the number of years over your head has not anything to do with it, not a thing to do with it. You perhaps have made as many mistakes as others who are not as old as you are, but all human mistakes must be forgiven.

Do you understand the beneficence of Life that has made it possible for all human mistakes to be forgiven? How in Kingdom Come would mankind ever be free if Life had not thus provided? Don’t you see, it would be an endless wheel that would never cease?

Now when mankind is willing, with all their being, to call on the Law of Forgiveness for all their mistakes and for all mankind, then Life says: “We are ready to begin the correcting.”

If you will continue to accept human opinions – silly gossip of the outside world, of those conditions that hold you bound in these things – don’t blame anything but yourselves.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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