understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Then, when I went up to Him sitting there on the log, and He looked around and stood up, and may I use your slang expression: for a moment we looked each other over, neither one dreaming – now observe Dear People, up to that moment, just observing each other – not either one dreaming what was so quickly to follow. Do you see that?

Then I think We both must have begun to feel something, for I am sure We suddenly felt that great peace and harmony to each other. When He reached to offer Me a drink, in His hand came that Crystal Cup; and seeing That, everything in My Being leaped into action and I thought: GREAT GOD! MY SEARCH IS ENDED!”

He did not know it, but when I saw that Cup, I knew My search had ended.

Then He stood there looking at It in amazement, watching It fill with the Liquid, and Myself doing the same. As soon as I saw It was filled, I seized It with both hands and drank It as fast as I could.

I could not tell you just all that took place within a few moments. It was like fire through My entire body, yet not anything unpleasant, but just like a fire; and I know today It was a Fire of life sweeping out of My physical body and releasing the purifying substance into action within those few glowing moments.

Then, when I stood there watching Him, and he in such great amazement, after hearing My story, said: “What am I supposed to do?”

Of course, he felt It, but this is the first time I have ever said to anyone or to Him, when I spoke those Words: “Ask the God in you who does know”, every Force of My Being went into action, and the proof was that His human self went out of action.

It just dissolved and receded out of this human form, and the Light from His “Presence” came down until here – below the Heart – and His head, and these arms and shoulders were such a Blazing Light, I could not look into them at first. Then His hands came out and My Hands took His, and My feet left the Earth.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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