understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Master had said that this wealth had been deposited in the Bank of England; and on going there, I found it was there. Then transferring to a bank in New York, I began My search.

Talk about patience and determination; I had it, but I did not know it. I just went on and on and on, sometimes I did grow very weary, but never was there a moment or thought of failure or discouragement, as you know it in the outer world.

While I grew weary, as soon as I laid My body down and it rested, then the same great calm strength and courage was there.

When finally, in arriving and observing the beauties of Mount Shasta, think of all the thousands of miles I traveled, and think of the hundreds of miles I hiked, then that memorable day, when coming suddenly upon this good Brother sitting on a log, little did I know who he was, what He was, or why He was there.

Remember the Glory of that Inner Directing Intelligence, which is guarded and directed by your Higher Mental Body.

I knew nothing about My Higher Mental Body – but the accuracy with which the Final Goal came and the speed of It, was something that cannot be described, for as you near the Goal, everything in your life simply speeds up.

Remember now will you, take that cue. Do you quite get that! May I repeat it!

When you come nearer the Goal everything in your Life Stream speeds up. So don’t mind if you find yourself in a position to do ten days’ work in one day, what you did in days previous.

You know, I smile sometimes at the Staff – of course, they are not listening, so I can talk to you about it; and when I see them serving with such great speed and intensity, I wonder if they will take this cue!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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