understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, after He was gone, He and My father went away by themselves and visited for hours. When My father returned I said – notice – “Father, what did He say to you?” He said: “My son, that I may not repeat.” How little did I know He was preparing My father for that which was so quickly to follow. Then He went away; we knew not where.

Then, shortly after – suddenly – my father was shot, and the natives brought him home. Understanding what that Great Presence in our home meant, when My father was brought back, I looked at him, but I only thought – My Blessed father, you are Free! There was not the slightest sorrow. I did not know why then, but it just wasn’t there.

Then this Glorious One appeared again, and this time he came from South Africa, with the information that a large fortune had been left to My father, and in case of his passing, to Me.

Oh, My Dear Ones, observe closely how the Great Light and Its Power was preparing the way through individuals for all that was required for me.

Now notice, I made no effort up to that time. I was just like other lads, very happy and harmonious in our home, because there was no inharmony ever in our home; but My mother felt quite different. Her sorrow was very deep and very great, even though what the Master said to her, still she did not quite free herself from that.

Then she too, made the change, and I was left a lad alone in the World, as I thought; but how mistaken I was.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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