isis unveiled: chapter v (one common origin)

“Admitting, then, that this mythical agent is Ether, we will proceed to see what and how much of it is known to science. With respect to the various effects of the different solar rays, Robert Hunt, F.R.S., remarks, in his Researches on Light in its Chemical Relations, that:

“Those rays which give the most light – the yellow and the orange rays – will not produce change of color in the chloride of silver”; while “those rays which have the least illuminating power – the blue and violet – produce the greatest change, and in exceedingly short time. …The yellow glasses obstruct scarcely any light; the blue glasses may be so dark as to admit of the permeation of a very small quantity.”

And still we see that under the blue ray both vegetable and animal life manifest an inordinate development, while under the yellow ray it is proportionately arrested.
How is it possible to account for this satisfactorily upon any other hypothesis than that both animal and vegetable life are differently modified electrico-magnetic phenomena, as yet unknown in their fundamental principles?

Mr Hunt finds that undulatory theory does not account for the results of his experiments. Sir David Brewster, in his Treatise on Optics, showing that “the colors of vegetable life arise…from a specific attraction which the particles of these bodies exercise over the differently-colored rays of light”, and that “it is by the light of the sun that the colored juices of plants are elaborated, that the colors of bodies are changed, etc…” remarks that it is not easy to allow “that such effects can be produced by the mere vibration of an ethereal medium.”

And he is forced, he says, “by this class of facts, to reason as if light was material (?)””

H. P. Blavatsky

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