understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear People, follow Me in that Feeling. As I continued to ascend as far as His hands would reach, and, letting go, continued until My Feet were some distance – perhaps twenty feet of more – above His head, then I found Myself standing there in the atmosphere looking back at Him, watching Him; then I felt this great Change. I felt this substance released from My Body and disappear.

That was that part of the substance which could not go with Me; but it just left the body, just like a substance all around it, and disappeared. Then, this Change.

I found Myself looking at My Body, and It had taken on the fullness of youth, and My garments had changed into those beautiful Garments of Light.

Then, feeling this Current, I looked up and there I was looking into this Glorious Stream of Light and Energy. After a few moments, I saw within That the Great Presence of all Life, My own “Mighty I AM”.

You will never know, no words could tell you My Feeling when I found that I was leaving Him behind. Then as I disappeared into the “Great Presence” and went to the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Light, I could not take My mind off of Him, and it was weeks and weeks.

Finally Saint Germain came to Me and said: “David, you must change your attention. Your friend still in the physical body has much to do there. You must take your attention off of Him, otherwise you will draw Him away from the body. That you must not do.”

To My amazement I could instantly change My thought back from Him to that Octave of Light.

Do you understand, My Dear Ones – I know you cannot fully comprehend, but to the best of your ability try – what that means – My Feeling to Him for My Freedom forever from Earth and its limitations! This is Real, My Dear People.

Then, after months I came, and I have remained most of the time, near, to guard and to bless and to thank Him for that Service.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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