understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May I say, now since you have gained the momentum you have, it is rather to let Life flow through by continuous harmony, because you have gained enough momentum now, most of you, where Life will begin to act to a large degree automatically.

But as you continue your Call, then you will intensify that action until it will satisfy the most exacting, in all they wish to bring forth in Happiness or Perfection to themselves and others.

Gentlemen, won’t you make the Call individually for the restoration of the home life of America that should be so beautiful, so magnificent!

It must be restored and will be, but in your Call for that particular action, will you hasten it into action in the perfecting of America and the activity that is so rapidly rushing forward.

In closing may I call your attention to just one thing, that if you will hold in your visualization in the coming months, it will give Us the Substance and Energy with which to act to produce that result, and that is hold your attention fixed upon this Perfection of the home life, and in the establishing of Divine Order and Divine Justice in all official places.

The two activities are vital.

You as men acting in the world of industry, remember, you have because of that, a greater authority to call this forth than the individual who is not acting directly in that capacity.

Just for instance, as you in your world are the heart center of the focus of energy that flows there, so in your activity in the world of industry – according to what you are representing – will you also become a direct focus of that Life, Light, Power and Energy that will change that and bring it into the Perfection needed today.

So remember, you in this Vanguard of the Light, must be an individual focus in whatever part of Life you represent, in whatever phase of industry you are interested in to act, then there in that, you are the authority and focus to hold that Power there until It reaches out and enters into the feeling world and action of each one, to produce the Glory and Perfection that must fill our America.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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