understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember gentlemen, and I say this with all the Love in My Heart, mankind previously has believed that the Goal was achieving and accumulating things in the outer world. That is beautiful, it is splendid, but that is not the Goal.

The Goal of mankind is the Perfecting of the human form, the Glory of Life in Its Full Power of Action, which We experience in the Ascension today.

Many times, the accumulation of too many things has distracted mankind, until they have lost the Ideals which they once held. I have heard so many people say that in youth they had these magnificent Ideals, but when the pressure of the attention of the outer world took command, they forgot all those Ideals and lost the power that seemed to be within them then.

Well, that is wholly unnecessary. Today you can hold to your Ideals and have the Perfection which comes forth through Them in its Full Power of Action.

So make no mistake about it. You are the authority today to bring all the Perfection your Heart can desire into action into the appearance world, into the blessing of all that stands before you.

As you come to Greater Understanding, and Expansion of your Light continues, you will have the desire to bless every person in the World, and you won’t feel the resentment to the people who have made mistakes as you have in the past. You cannot afford to do it.

Resentment at mistakes, whether your own or someone else’s, closes the door to the harmony required to fill your world with happiness.

Therefore, I say to you in the fullness of all that you require today, gentlemen, remember your Foundation is being laid – the Foundation of Life, the Glory of its Perfection.

All you have to do is sustain It. And how?

By your continued Call to the Presence of Life, and the withholding of all inharmony from acting within your feeling.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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