understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I feel tremendously encouraged, gentlemen, tremendously encouraged today!
After observing the Almighty Activity last night from the Mighty Teton and the Other Retreats of the World – for gentlemen, those are no figment of anybody’s imagination – They are Mighty Focuses of Power that without Them mankind would be lost.

I ask you gentlemen, if you want to hold the Greatest Power in the World to this Perfection, govern the energy that flows through your body, conserve it! Refuse absolutely all intoxicants of every kind, for gentlemen, whiskey and gin open you to every destructive force that exists in the world, and don’t forget it.

Everyone who might have had that desire within them, can call the “Presence”into action to take out of them that desire, and replace it with the Pure Substance of Life, Satisfaction and Perfection; and when those desires are gone, you become Master of yourself and your world.

That which you have known as black magicians and discarnate entities, and which America has been freed from, are responsible for the intensification of those desires in mankind, and don’t forget it.*

Since you have been so tremendously released from that, exert your dominion, self-control; then as you call the “Presence” into action to take out of you those desires, it will be quickly done. If sometimes those appearances attempt to manifest after you have been making the Calls, don’t be discouraged.

A great battle was not won in just a day, yet, thousands and thousands of people who have been able to dismiss those desires overnight almost, is encouraging, and I say to you for the Messenger, that never in His experience have so many letters reached Him of the victory of the Students in these years as since Their return to your city. (Applause)

That, gentlemen, let Me assure you, is the beginning of the Almighty Victory that you will see manifest within this year.

Remember, that your Application is hourly becoming more victorious in everything for which you call. Be dauntless and let It do Its Perfect Work for you.

I thank you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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