understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, in human consciousness mankind has forever that tragic uncertainty, because it is not based upon the foundation of Truth. Therefore, all human opinions are wavering.


Therefore, that which is wavering is always unstable to produce a given result.
That is why those who have come into the Understanding of this “I AM”, in holding a firm Concentration of the Power of Life upon a given objective, find no wavering consciousness there. It is held steady until the Accomplishment is before you.

Therefore, you are dealing with definite Law, and when you apply It for definite results, you know your Goal from the beginning.

I wish to say to you, the beloved ones who are filling official places of responsibility, are in the position today to call forth Divine Justice in a manner that is inconceivable until they put it into practice.

Our blessed judges and the sincere lawyers of America today are receiving into their feeling world, tremendous power and blessing that will help to bring Divine Order and Divine Justice to our people.

However, in the intrigue and treachery that is within all Nations by human qualities, then mankind is never sure of what is going to happen; but now notice this Gentlemen, in your world of industry when you deal with the Presence, the “Mighty I AM” of individuals instead of their human form, you will have Divine Order and Divine Justice in ninety-five percent of the cases.

That is why mankind in this Understanding today, is beginning to know the Goal from the beginning, that gives you the assurance, gives you the stabilization in the Presence and Power of Life to hold steady, and through your outer consciousness, hold it there in Its Action that stops your qualification from accepting a power apart from that Life that would interfere with Its Perfection of Manifestation.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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