understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So I say to you today, in the Fullness of all that you wish to bring forth, first is your Acceptance of the Presence of Life, the “Mighty I AM”, then your Call to It for Its Greater Expansion and Greater Release of Its Energy. Then remember, that It is the Foundation, the Anchorage of all that is building, that will one day make you a wholly Free Being in your individual world of action.

As long as you consider that some other individual can interfere with you, you will find yourself and your world constantly disturbed.

But Gentlemen and Friends of America, if you will practice, instead of having human opinions of each other, if you will call the Blessings of Life upon each other, you will hold your feeling world harmonized and bring the Blessing to them and through It to yourself.


That is beyond any comprehension until a group of mankind try it out and see Perfection which It will produce.

In all that you wish to do, there is always a definite power of action and reason for everything, and Life is that reason.

Therefore, when you wish to have It, you must look to the Source of all that is, for that Perfection. You cannot get It from the human octave; but when you are willing to give your attention to Life, call It into action, then you will have that sustained.

From It, the greater Expansion of your own Light will bring a greater Release of the “Presence of Life” into action, in your individual world.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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