isis unveiled: chapter v (one common origin)

“This is the modern magnetism and mesmerism of Du Potet and other masters, who, when they have subjected a person to their fluidic influence, can impart to them all their thoughts even at a distance, and with an irresistible power force their subject to obey their mental orders.


But how far better was this psychic force known to the ancient philosophers! We can glean some information on that subject from the earliest sources.

Pythagoras taught his disciples that God is the universal mind diffused through all things, and that this mind by the sole virtue of its universal sameness could be communicated from one object to another and be made to create all things by the sole will-power of man.

With the ancient Greeks, Kurios was the god-Mind. “Now Koros (Kurios) signifies the pure and unmixed nature of intellect-wisdom”, says Plato.

Kurios is Mercury, the Divine Wisdom, and “Mercury is the Sol” (Sun), from whom Thaut-Hermes- received this divine wisdom, which, in his turn, he imparted to the world in his books.

Hercules is also the Sun – the celestial storehouse of the universal magnetism; or rather Hercules is the magnetic light which, when having made its way through the “opened eye of heaven”, enters into the regions of our planet and thus becomes the Creator.

Hercules passes through the twelve labors, the valiant Titan! He is called “Father of All” and “self-born” (“autophues”).

Hercules, the Sun, is killed by the Devil, Typhon, and so is Osiris, who is the father and brother of Horus, and at the same time is identical with him; and we must not forget that the magnet was called the “bone of Horus”, and iron the “bone of Typhon”. He is called “Hercules Invictus”, only when he descends to Hades (the subterranean garden), and plucking the “golden apples” from the “tree of life”, slays the dragon.


The rough Titanic power, the “lining” of every sun-god, opposes its force of blind matter to the divine magnetic spirit, which tries to harmonize everything in nature.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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