understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, as you come to understand Life and give It the full power to cease all requalification of this Mighty Energy of Life, as It flows forth at your Call in Its ever-intensifying action, then you will find Life will produce Its Perfection, Its Success for you. For think you not that Life is the producer of your success?

Whatever it may have been in the past, it was not the cunning of your intellect that brought that success or the acting Intelligence as you thought, which was wholly intellectual, but it has been the Power of Life flowing through.

Although you did not know or give it attention, yet there were certain conditions of harmony within your world or determination that drew forth that release without outer application which the students are making today.

But the outer application is the only thing that will make this Victory of Life a permanent action within you and your world.

For mankind has so long charged the atmosphere about them, and the atmosphere of Earth with the appearance world by giving it power, that it has brought the limitations that exist today.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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