understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Friends of America, the Students know this, that as soon as you stop giving power to the appearance world, which is human creation, you will then find your dominion taking rapid action in your world.

But mankind must understand and take the authority of Life in their world, and of course you understand by that, that your desires and conditions must be constructive if you wish to give obedience and harmony to Life, the response that Life requires from you.

Therefore, as you understand this, then you will be able to calmly, serenely enter into your Great Call to Life, and find every hour, every day Its increasing Power of Action taking dominion in your body, through it into your world of action to produce first, the Great Harmony of Life, then the ever-increasing Expansion of that Life, which is the Directing Intelligence that causes you to do the perfect thing, the perfect action in Life, in response to your Call, that makes for your outer success in the human octave of your business world.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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