understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Friends of America, as well as the Beloved Minute Men who are here, I want you to understand that as your attention is upon My Words, the Powers of Light are charging forth into your feeling world that Courage, Strength and Victory of Life which will one day bring you into this full understanding of the “Presence of Life”, which will give you Its Victory.

Therefore, as this goes forth in the vibratory action of mankind, Friends of America, I want to say something to you today, that you may understand what the Students of the “I AM” have been doing during the past four years, in issuing their mighty Decrees, which have brought such Blessing to mankind. Oh, understand Its Action.

A Decree sets the vibratory action going within the atmosphere of Earth in the mental and feeling world of mankind, and that is far-reaching – beyond human comprehension;

and as this vibratory action goes forth in the world of mankind, it harmonizes and changes the feeling of mankind until those who want to be unjust will become just, and desire Divine Justice to all.

That is how human selfishness will be steadily removed from the World, and mankind will come to have the great love for each other that has been talked about throughout the centuries, a brotherly love that has been so often referred to, and yet has been so absent, will become a natural activity of Life.

Every individual will want every one else to have the happiness, the success, and perfection which they crave for themselves, and that would be full compliance with the Law of Life, and would bring such success and happiness, because then there would be no condition in the world of qualification that would change the natural action of Life to bring all that your Heart desires.

For understand, Friends of America, you have used your faculties of Life creating, limiting yourselves constantly.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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