understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now remember, your intelligence is not confined to your brain structure by any means. Your brain is but a channel of action for the intelligence flowing forth from Life.

One day when you have a moving picture, as you will have, of the action within the brain of individuals, will you come to understand exactly what I am referring to today; for I say to you in the not far distant future, there will be moving pictures of the exact activity of the movement of life within the brain and the nerve fluid through the body and the structure, giving mankind the clear definite understanding of what is acting within the human form.

Then as you apply your Call to Life, and see before your own eyes is intensification, you will see how Great is the Blessing Saint Germain has brought to you, in bringing this Understanding of the “Mighty I AM”, which is the Power, the Source of all Life, which mankind may utilize if they choose to do so; but Life will not impose Itself upon you with a greater intensity.

Since mankind have believed that God would do for them what God has to do through them – and remember God is your “Mighty I AM Presence” – then you will see the reason why limitations have become so apparent, because mankind have not made the Call.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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