understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The human, so long claiming authority in the appearance world or to the body alone, has not only forgotten, but has shut off the great flow of Life with Its ever-increasing Intelligence that would naturally have come forth into the action or use of mankind.

If you once understand that you are the cause of every effect that has taken place in your Life, then you will understand how you need to come into the understanding of Life in order to let It do Its perfect work for you. Life does not act, except to a certain degree, which is the Law of Life, which causes Life to flow through a human body and give it action and energy, but that is only to a certain degree.

Since mankind have free will and must determine how that energy of Life is going to act for them, then today, in this Understanding of the Presence of Life, you will have and feel the Authority to call forth a limitless supply to do whatever you choose, to fix your attention upon for achievement.

It does not matter what it is, so long as it is constructive; but when you realize that all destructive thought and feeling is a repelling force, then you will understand why mankind has become so limited today, in the use of Life.

Having forgotten Its Source and believing that all authority was in the human, naturally they shut off the greater flow of Life except what naturally flows in to sustain Life in the body.

You will find and notice as you move among mankind, that those who have through one means or another, used up the gathered supply of energy, they have no further power with which to act.

Today the individuals who have come to understand this Presence of Life are able to call forth that energy without limit and can go on for hours and hours and days and weeks without exhaustion, which is the proof of their ability to call forth a greater supply of Life, which is energy, to do the things they require.

Energy by use becomes Power, and when It is qualified by Divine Love and Wisdom of Life, then It becomes the Trinity of Action, which is the fullness of Life acting at the direction of Intelligence, which you can call forth without any limit.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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