understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Beloved Ones, in all kindness and respect to every effort that mankind has made, the difference between your Decrees and prayer is tremendous.

Prayer is the acceptance of limitations, while to decree a thing is the Acknowledgment of the Perfection and Authority of Life brought into action at your point in the Universe.


Prayer is very wonderful and has sustained mankind in an amazing degree, but now since you have come to the point of the understanding of Life, where you can assert Its Authority perfectly, right and natural, then you can utilize this.

Now Friends of America and Beloved Minute Men, to your Perfection and to the Achievement in the Service of the Light in everything that your Heart desires – for remember in your desire is the action of Life impelling Itself forward into expression – if you in the lack of energy, qualify that action of Life with human desires – I mean by that, that which would become destructive or limiting – then the fault is yours, not of Life.

So to gain the understanding of Life is the greatest thing in the world, and to understand Its natural, Its practical action will bring an action and take from mankind the anxiety or distress in their feeling of lack of ability to cope with the conditions that confront them.

Since mankind have generated for centuries the conditions which bring the limitations of today, then to think, friends of America and Beloved Minute Men, that you can undo that!

You can have dissolved and consumed these conditions that have imposed upon you these limitations, even though they are of your own creation; still in a few weeks, to a few months, can you have dissolved and consumed all these conditions which have limited you and brought you into distress.

I want you to feel this powerfully and definitely.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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