understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I call your attention to the fact that all mankind have been looking to each other, have been looking to the opinions released by various ones of mankind who seem to be authority in Life.

May I call your attention to the fact that there is no authority in human opinions anywhere in Life. Now this may sound strange to you, but is very true.

Only when you come into the Octave of Light, which is that of the Ascended Masters in which there are no mistakes, in which there are no limitations, only that Power and Intelligence is the Authority of Life.

As you look to That and your “Mighty I AM Presence” will you find that Intelligence operating which is the Authority and Perfection of Life in which there are no mistakes.

Now it is within your province, within your ability to call into action, and so charge your body, your mind and feeling world with the Ascended Masters’ Self Luminous Intelligent Substance of Life, that That will soon cause to cease all limitations and actions within your world of action.

As you try this out, you will find that I have told you the Truth, and that It is within your reach.

Mankind have not believed this. Mankind have thought these transcendent Actions of Life were for something far beyond them, but today, you must understand that Life has provided all Perfection for you; and when you give your attention to that Source of all Perfection, then It will come naturally into your Life’s experience, your use, as you could not imagine until you begin to exercise your authority in calling this great Law forth into action.

For remember, In Life there is nothing unnatural. There is nothing mysterious, and that is what I wish you to understand today in talking to you of your Life.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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