understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you as one who so recently stood in the conditions that mankind experience today, and has been raised out of those conditions, I say to you, that it is for every one of you. You can have that same Freedom which is My Joy today.

Therefore, I say to the entire World, that I was an Englishman, and you know it is said that we do not grasp so readily as some others the fullness of the Great Truths, but yet I say to you, I have grasped the Fullness of Life with Its amazing Powers and am able to utilize them to your assistance beyond anything that I could ever have imagined ten years ago.

Now then, you are not talking about something or thinking about something in long ages past, Friends of America and Beloved Minute Men, but you are talking about something right up to date, and that is what mankind needs, for all style themselves as practical these days.

So may We transcend your practicality in bringing this Transcendent Activity into practical action today to your attention.

Therefore, as you come to understand this “Presence of Life” and utilize Its Great Energy, remember Friends of America, when you begin to call the “Presence of Life” into action, energy itself does not discriminate.

Therefore, you must call the Discrimination and Activity of your Higher Mental Body into action to do this for you, to intensify your discrimination, which you may already have, but make it Invincible that you no longer make the mistakes of human decisions which mankind have made in the past.

When you call the “Presence of Life” into action, Divine Intelligence will act, and as you continue, it will become an infallible action to you.

Therefore, I say to you, Friends of America and Beloved Minute Men, you can bring this Activity of Life forth so powerfully, that you will no longer find yourself making the mistakes or being drawn into the mistakes of Life by the opinions of others.

As you learn to stand in the Presence of Life, your own “Mighty I AM”, and listen to It instead of human opinions, then you will find how quickly all these mistakes will cease.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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