isis unveiled: chapter IV (a testimony)

“Thus the time has come when the scientists have lost all right to be addressed with the Miltonian verse, “O thou who, for the testimony of truth, hast borne universal reproach!”

Sad degeneration, and one that recalls the exclamation of that “doctor of physic” mentioned one hundred and eighty years ago by Dr. Henry More, and who, upon hearing the story told of the drummer of Tedworth and of Ann Walker, “cryed out presently, if this be true, I have been in a wrong box all this time, and must begin my account anew.”

But in our century, notwithstanding Huxley’s endorsement of the value of “human testimony”, even Dr. Henry More has become “an enthusiast and a visionary, both of which, united in the same person, constitute a canting madman.”

What psychology has longed lacked to make its mysterious laws better understood and applied to the ordinary as well as extraordinary affairs of life, is not facts. These it has had in abundance. The need has been for their recording and classification – for trained observers and competent analysts.

From the scientific body these ought to have been supplied. If error has prevailed and superstition run riot these many centuries throughout Christendom, it is the misfortune of the common people, the reproach of science.

The generations have come and gone, each furnishing its quota of martyrs to conscience and moral courage, and psychology is little better understood in our day than it was when the heavy hand of the Vatican sent those brave unfortunates to their untimely doom, and branded their memories with the stigma of heresy and sorcery.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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