understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dismiss all that has seemed mysterious about it, for Life is not mysterious, it is just natural and the most practical thing in the world.

In fact, take your mechanics of today; how could they come into action into the appearance world and into your use, without coming through the Stream of Life of some individual?

Therefore, your mechanics that you consider practical, are no more practical than Life Itself, for from and through Life must come all that is.

Therefore, in your world, the outer action which We term the physical octave, will you understand that all that is here today came through the Life Stream of some individual, and therefore is practical!

Now you can draw forth the currents of energy that you require, and do whatever you determine to fix your attention upon, and hold it steadfast enough until the power of its momentum gains the command of the conditions in which you move.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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