understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I cannot tell you, Gentlemen, what a joy it has been to talk to you today and that great sincerity, that great determination in your Hearts to serve the Light and to be free; and remember, Gentlemen, any undesirable desire that has been active within you, can be quickly dissolved and caused to disappear by asking the “Presence” to take out of you that desire and replace it by the Satisfaction and Power of the “Presence”.

So remember, sense gratification is such a fragmentary thing in comparison to the Joy and Freedom of Life in Its great Perfection, Its full Power of Strength, Health and Energy. Oh, there is no comparison, not the slightest.

When you realize that the reaction from sense gratification drags you down and down and down, and shuts in closer and closer your Power of Light.


You know your little alcohol lamps you use in heating, temporarily, little things – you put the cover on and you put out the flame. Gentlemen, as you grow more and more dense in your use and acceptance of the human senses, you just begin to put that cap on that Flame, within your own Heart, until It is shut in, until It is only a tiny thing.

Gentlemen, I wish and perhaps it will come about, that many of you will see the change of conditions, and I say just for illustration, take six months ago and compare the Expansion of the Light within your own Hearts from that day to this.

Well, you would scarcely believe it.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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