understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now in your attention to the “Presence”, although you will still make mistakes, still gratify the senses, still in the Expansion of that Light, it has been so tremendous that you would be amazed.

As you are willing and do give full obedience to Life, then that Light continues to expand until Its Radiance around your body, even though still invisible, becomes so Powerful and Tangible that any person that comes near you will feel It.

Why, think of the hundreds of people the minute they come in the Radiance of the Messengers feel that peace and quiet and strength.

Well, that is in the Radiance of the Light which is constantly being called forth, and it is only a small part of what will be in another four years. (Applause)

There are thousands of the Students, and while I am not a prophet, from observation I would say within two years, possibly within one, there will be thousands of the Students who will stand in a similar Radiance which the Messengers do today. (Applause)”

Beloved David Lloyd

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