understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I ask you this; did man ever see anything in Life that, in his obedience to Life, Life failed to answer? Not one thing in all mankind has ever failed to be answered when man turned wholly to the “Presence of Life”.

Therefore, I say to you, now notice, you are calling for the Tangible Presence of these Great Ones, well, that is Life Itself. What helps you to make that Call, what enables you? Why Life!

You have to use Life to make the Call. Where is the intelligence that enables you to release and make the Call? The Power of Life!


Then after all, it is Life acting.

Then if you, as the individual, will give complete obedience to Life, is there anything to stand in the way of the Perfection of Life finding Its action through you?

Certainly it is practical. Is there anything more practical?

But mankind has not understood this obedience, and that is what is the matter today. When you do really give complete obedience to Life, you will not have another trouble beset you as sure as I am telling you; but you haven’t, even yet, understood wholly what that obedience is.

You will surely ere long, understand what it means to give complete undivided obedience.

Therefore, today I ask you, Gentlemen, please overhaul yourselves and see wherein you can give still greater obedience to Life. (Applause) Oh not to anyone; be the inspector of yourselves. It is a beautiful thing.

You have no idea gentlemen, what that will do and the happiness it will bring to you when you turn and look yourself straight in the face and say: “Here young fellow, what is it you are not doing that you might give greater obedience?” Well, it is a joyful thing.

That little fellow may rebel at first, but you say: “Now just subside!”

What a joy will come as you begin to see one thing after another which you could correct, which you probably were not aware of even; but that is the way you gain and give complete obedience to Life.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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