understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You see, Gentlemen, perhaps I should suggest this, watch out as you begin to gain the Powers of the “Presence” at your call, Oh, watch so carefully and be so humble that you never, in an unguarded moment, take that as power in the human. That would be dangerous in the extreme, but remember it is always the Power of the “Presence”.

You see how humble this Messenger is, the greater His Power and Understanding, the more humble He becomes, and that is correct in the position of Life.

Be extremely positive toward human conditions, but so humble, as humble as a little child before this Great Power and Presence of Life; then you will comply completely with Life and allow It to pour Its Great Powers forth without limit.

That is why today in this need, We sometimes think it is too bad to have to call your attention to the conditions that are existing; and Gentlemen, if you don’t know, if you don’t believe the treachery and intrigue that is going on under your nose in your city of New York and in Washington, D.C., the greatest treachery you ever saw among a few, that must go down.

But remember and be aware that when a vicious force wants to accomplish something, it will take your attention clear off into something else until it has slipped in undercover and accomplished its vicious act.

That is how mankind have been fooled for centuries.

So Gentlemen, begin to feel out and watch, and when your attention begins to be called powerfully to something, watch out that behind your back the thing is going on that should be watched.

Remember today in your powerful Friends, as you call to the “Presence of Life”, then to Them, will you have untold assistance in being aware of these things.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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