understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me prompt you, never for one instant allow your feeling to question the Power of those Decrees. That is the Authority and Call to Life to release Its Powers into action to perform that service, and do you not see that there is no opposition to that! Have you thought of where even resistance stops?

Now notice this, Gentlemen. It is always comical, but it is very serious nevertheless.

Do you realize the point where resistance stops? Right at the instant that you give that positive Decree. Resistance comes up to that point to stimulate you into a greater blow, and when you release it, resistance has stopped. It is magnificent.

Even as We see these activities and watch the difference in the activity with individuals among the Students, it is a very marvelous thing, for no two are exactly alike in their release from their Application, because of the difference in the intensity of their feeling, but it is wonderful to watch it.

How come sometimes, and I could point out some of you, that when you have gone along, and then all of a sudden you put on more steam – then We watch that activity; it is beautiful. Because then We know that you are safe.

When you get to that point where you turn on that dynamic energy, and know that no human viciousness has any power against it, then you are master over those conditions, or in other words, you allow the Powers of Light to become the Master over those conditions.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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