understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember as Bob and Rex have rendered the great service in Boston in the communistic headquarters, They dissolved everything that was in that room except the chairs that the two individuals were sitting on. (Applause – audience rising)

Now Gentlemen, the reason for that was because it would be spread all over the World, and it was immediately. Because those destructive forces had to see and know by definite experience that there was a Power of Light with which they could not cope, and they know that. (Applause)

That is why such viciousness is attempted toward this Light, but that is their own destruction – those who generate it. So the Messengers are not concerned, but the fellow who sends it forth should be.

Now then, when the plane was turned back with its destructive forces and when it landed, Bob and Rex were there in Their Tangible Bodies. When they came to seize Them – when their hands were upon Their shoulders – They dissolved and disappeared before their eyes. (Applause)

Now Gentlemen, this is quite a joke on the Students. After hearing about that, one of the Students said: “I wish I could do something that would make Them appear to me.”

Well, They just don’t do that.

He thought: “Well, if They appeared to them, why won’t They appear to the Students and satisfy them?”

Because it is not necessary.

Gentlemen, won’t you please abide in the Wisdom of these Great Ones. When the time is ready and when it is necessary, We will appear in the Tangible Body fast enough. (Applause)”

Beloved David Lloyd

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