understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, you are dealing with such a Magnificent Power, and notice, wholly different from an individual who calls forth the activity of Power alone. Now Power being one of the Trinity of Action of the Godhead will become a terrifying force.

We have watched individuals – I say, “We” because I have become aware of it since the Ascension – but I should say that Saint Germain has watched these activities through mankind for centuries, and wherever power is called forth, and that was what was the matter with the Kaiser, Hitler, and those individuals today, because they have forgotten the other two-thirds of the Trinity.

They are thinking only of power and authority over their fellowman.

Therefore, they are calling forth power, which is the most dangerous thing in the world, because one day it will destroy the person who calls it forth. If it does not destroy the body sooner or later, it will make that body helpless to be of any further assistance in the world, which you see in the Kaiser today.

Now that man, he had the absolute assurance within himself that he was going to to be the ruler of the World – he became ruler of nothing by the very thing that I am telling you, because he sought power alone, and power will one day destroy its creator, the one who is calling it forth;

because unless power is balanced by Divine Love and Wisdom it becomes a wholly destructive thing.

Now Divine Love without Wisdom and Power will, ninety percent of the time, make the individual negative, because it comes into human sympathy, which in itself, is destructive.

Then when mankind understands these simple things, and notice in previous teachings of every description, mankind had an idea of one or the other, sometimes two, but never the balance of the Trinity, then don’t you see why mankind could not succeed only to a certain point.

Now today in your Call to the “Presence” you do not have to consider, you do not have to question once again, because you are having a balance of Love, Wisdom and Power in action.

Do you not see what a magnificent thing it is?

You don’t have to consider, are you having the balance of these qualities, but you know you are, because the “Presence” is that and Life is that when left alone;

but since mankind have free will and it clothes the energy that goes forth from their world by the quality that is in their feeling, then they become responsible, not Life, not anything else, but themselves.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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