understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We as your Friends, as long as you turn sincerely to the Light and pour forth kindness and good will, you will find Us always ready, watching, to project a Light Ray to give you the Courage, Strength and Assistance you require. I want you to see and feel how unlimited We are in that respect.

One of Us could project a Light Ray to each of you equally powerful; and yet, in no wise interfere with what We are doing, except to set It into action and cause It to be sustained. When you have Friends of this kind, surely doubts and fears cannot longer beset you.

Whatever the condition confronts you, tell it, it has no power! Then proceed to call a Light Ray into it and if necessary, throw a bomb of Blue Lightning into it. That explodes all of the quality of discord and shatters it. You cannot harm the individual, but you will shatter and dissolve the viciousness and discord.

I can take a human form that is violently vicious and throw a bomb of Blue Lightning into that body; and yet, not harm the body; but I will shatter and dissolve the concentration of the vicious substance which was drawn into that human form.

Now do you see how magnificent is this Power of Light?

Of course, if you qualify, or if I qualified that with anger, I would shatter the human form; but remember, the Power of Light never has anger within It! The Power of Light never has a destructive force within It! It only acts as a dissolving force to discord.

Won’t you remember that, and then take from your feeling world forever any question in the world that you could produce any harm by the use of this Light. It is impossible!

Gentlemen, you cannot do it, unless you qualify it with anger, and you are always taught not to do that. Therefore, if you do, the fault is yours, not the fault of Life, not the fault of the teaching.

That is why the Messengers have pled with mankind for four years for the implicit need of harmony maintained in the feelings, that the Powers of Life can flow forth unqualified, untouched by destructive conditions.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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