isis unveiled: chapter IV (a testimony)

“Considering all this, it remains to us but to wonder at the preposterous presumption of these men, who claim to be regarded by right of learning as the high priest of science, to classify a phenomenon they know nothing about.

Surely, several millions of their countrymen and women, if deluded, deserve at least as much attention as potato-bugs or grasshoppers! But, instead of that, what do we find?

The Congress of the United States, at the demand of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, enacts statutes for organization of National Insect Commissions; chemists as busying themselves in boiling frogs and bugs; geologists amuse their leisure by osteological surveys of armor-plated ganoids, and discuss the odontology of the various species of dinichtys; and entomologists suffer their enthusiasm to carry them to the length of supping on grasshoppers boiled, fried, and in soup.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are either losing themselves in the maze of “crazy delusions”, according to the opinion of some of these very learned encyclopaedists, or perishing physically from “nervous disorders”, brought on or brought out by mediumistic diathesis.”

H. P. Bavatsky

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